Business fraud

Running your business is unthinkable without a certain kind of risk. And for making decisions, without which it is impossible to conduct business, every minute you have to choose between careful common sense and intuitive actions blindly and randomly. In a similar situation, even the clairvoyant is not immune from errors. It’s good if the decision is right, but if it turns out to be wrong, the consequences can be unpredictable and tragic. The reputation of a reputable company may suffer, and a profitable business may incur significant losses. As a rule, various kinds of fraudsters and dishonest partners rely precisely on this effect of unpredictability.
Each deceiver who seeks to take advantage of the incompetence and weakness of another person has his own fraudulent scheme that uses such effective psychological tricks that the victim of outright swindle almost always voluntarily transfers material wealth, money or securities to the hands of criminals.
More often than not, successful companies are put under attack, where there is something to profit from for scammers. And the external attributes of the success of enterprises and firms are not always indicators of competence and common sense of employees and management. The inexperience and naivete of directors, presidents and a staff of specialists can easily be used by skillful deceivers.
Fraudsters are usually distinguished by polite manners, good looks and good manners. They are cute, and may well convince anyone that they act in his interests. Psychological techniques help to competently and with lightning speed process the victim, who falls into an emotional dependence, expressed in the desire to do everything that is required of her, by concluding the proposed transaction at all costs. Sometimes hypnotic spells are so effective that the desire literally turns into obsessions and indefatigable mania. Under the power of the illusion created, cooperation seems to be full of bright prospects, and the estimated costs and expenses, compared with the ultimate benefit, are extremely small. And if even the victim begins to doubt, then the criminals will always have positive arguments and stunning recommendations that inspire confidence and competent former partners.
Fraud is usually a performance played out with full skill and professionalism. The bet is usually placed on urgency in making the right decision, which simply cannot be negative in anticipating mythical benefits and unsubstantiated, not confirmed by any documents, assurances of indispensable success.