How to spend time in the hospital with maximum benefit?

Young mothers are completely cleared the intestines before being sent to the birth. It does not pass without a trace for the intestinal microflora. It must be started to colonize with beneficial bacteria immediately after the appearance of the newborn. Therefore, in this stressful period for the woman’s body, she will have to abandon the useless, but such familiar products (nuts, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits, etc.). Otherwise, digestion problems, gas formation, constipation and other troubles that no one needs, especially newly mummies, can overcome!
In addition, the baby’s intestines are still quite immature and his well-being is closely related to what his mother eats during feeding! If the baby begins to suffer from colic, then, instead of resting, mom will be nervous and angry.
How to eat in the hospital? First of all, mom needs to drink more purified water. Water will help stabilize the intestines, as well as the arrival of milk to feed the baby with heavy drinking will accelerate.
 The menu in the hospital usually does not differ either in variety, or in the quality of products, or in a competent approach to the needs of the female body! Therefore, the nutrition plan after childbirth must be thought out in advance. It is important to remember that natural bio-yogurts, bifidocides, all sour-milk products are the main sources of a healthy diet in the hospital. It is the products enriched with bifidobacteria that will re-colonize the intestines of the mother, and therefore the baby, with useful microorganisms. Typically, dairy products have a minimum shelf life, so taking them with you is not recommended. It is much safer to ask relatives or friends to bring the freshest to the hospital.
Another useful product for recovery after childbirth is cottage cheese. It is rich in protein, which is a natural building material for the body. You should choose a low-fat cottage cheese, preferably crumbly.
It’s easy to find a kettle in any modern hospital. Therefore, boiled rice porridge cooked in the dining room, most likely, with dried milk, or useless semolina porridge for breakfast, it is more useful to brew oatmeal. Oatmeal is a source of complex carbohydrates, saturated with dietary fiber, which will give energy, so necessary for mom after childbirth. It is enough to pour oatmeal with boiling water and a healthy breakfast is ready.
In case of snacks, you can take drying, oatmeal and biscuit cookies, homemade crackers without dyes. However, they should not be abused, so as not to provoke a delay in the stool. From fruits, apples of the most inexpensive varieties are best suited. The child will not have allergies to them, and mom will receive vitamins and fiber.
After discharge from the hospital, meat and other useful products should be gradually introduced, monitoring the reaction of the baby.
If all the rules are followed, Mommy will not have problems with swelling, stools and digestion, she will feel fine and she will have enough energy!